Fruits Seeds

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Hybrid Arnav (Muskmelon)
Days of Maturity 75 - 80 days (after sowing)
Fruit weight 1.1 - 1.6 kg
Fruit Shape Round
Fruit Colour-Skin Netted, Yellow Wish Fruit with Groves on its surface
Remarks Orange flesh is very crispy fragrant and sweet heavy yielder with uniform fruits
Real Raja (Watermelon)
Days of Maturity 60 - 65 days (after sowing)
Rind type Blakish Green
Fruit Weight 2 - 3 kg
Fruit Shape Oval to Blocky
Flesh Colour Dark Red
Flesh Texture Granular Crispy
TSS 12 - 13%
Remarks Early Hybrid, High Yield, Good for Long distance transportation.